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The wedding day can be a long haul for your younger guests. After being as good as gold before and during the ceremony and photos, they are then expected to sit through a meal the seems to last forever. It can be too much for some of them. Mum and dad also feel the strain, trying to keep the children happy. Why not let Thelma take the pressure off. She can attend  during the wedding breakfast making her amazing balloon creations for both your younger guests and inevitably for some of your older ones too. Then she can take the children to another area just before the speeches are about to start. She will entertain the children with a fun magic show and organise some games for them. Thelma will bring everything needed including presents, bubble machine and music for the children if appropriate. Mum and dad can relax, enjoy the speeches and socialise with the other guests knowing their children are having a fun time. Alternatively Thelma can attend between the meal and the evening celebrations to fill the gap. Both the Children and adults will love her.

Thelma’s Wedding Decor…

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Thelma can also offer décor pieces for your venue. Give her a call to discuss your requirements.


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DKJ Wedding Videos by Daniel Yates. He is superb. I have seen a lot of videographers through entertaining but Daniel was the one to do our daughter’s wedding. I have no hesitation in recommending him. Check out his web site.  http://www.dkjweddingvideos.co.uk/



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