29th March 2019

Baby Reveal Balloons

Playing with ideas for Christmas

With Chistmas on the horizon I decided to have a play with a few Christmas décor designs. Here are my first two.





November 2018


Balloon Mini - Car BuildCar Build - Mini - Steering WheelI recently posted instructions for making a Ninja Turtle in my Tutorials page.  A conversation about it lead to me making a bigger version for a bit of fun.   Here he is enjoying a bottle of wine!





30th September 2018

Emily’s Special Request

Jayne Gourley recommends Smudgy Clown by Thelma Levett.
1 October at 19:50 ·
Thelma came to my daughters 6th birthday party yesterday to provide the entertainment. Even with such limited space she was amazing to say the least! The kids and adults were obsessed with her balloon creations and beautiful face paints and the kids were in stitches with her magic show and party games. Would highly recommend to anyone!!!


26th September 2018

A Big Thank You To John Oliver

I wanted to say a huge thank you to John Oliver who not only helped me get this web site constructed but also taught me how to continue building it and has always been there to rescue me whenever I have hit a brick wall. John is a treasure and I just wanted to say that I appreciate every minute he has spent helping me. I think I would be up the creek without a paddle if not for him. One in a million!


I just love painting these flowers and the children love them too.


Sunday 16th September 2018

Zach’s Party

Posted by Chrissy J – Wow ! What can I say other than best of the best and beats all the best ! The best balloon models I have ever seen and the face painting was shear art work ! The magic show got even the shyest of children belly laughing and really joining in ! The games were really good and wow the prizes ! 100% fantastic ! Thank you so much – Zachary and his friends had THE BEST time! Every child was made to feel special and I cannot thank you enough !”

Zach had a dinosaur themed party so I had fun creating this for him. Thank you Chrissy for your nice review. Such a pleasure to do the party for Zach and his friends. xxx

Some recent face paints

Some recent gift balloons

Fashion 1Fashion 2Fashion 3Fashion 4


July 1st 2016

Car Build

Balloon Mini - Car BuildCar Build - Mini - Steering Wheel At the beginning of July I was part of a 5 person team building this mini in Oxford at the BMW plant. Other team members were my good friend Graham Lee, Roger Daws, David Crofts and Daniel Fudd. Fun working with these artists.



Thursday 19th March 2016

Daman’s 1st Birthday


Here is something new.

Gift in a balloon.

Make a gift look so much more special.

Fashion 1Fashion 2Fashion 3Fashion 4Fashion 5

Thursday 11th February 2016

Thank You to all my clients, friends and family


I wanted to say a huge thank you to my clients, friends and family for your practical help and moral support as well as your understanding during a very difficult time. I was hit by the trailer of an oncoming car on 27th September which caused me to leave the road and collide with a tree. The car was a complete write off and I suffered a lot of chest and back pain in the ensuing months. All of my clients were very happy to do all the lifting for me and were very happy I was still able to come and do what I could. Thanks Mike for doing all the loading and unloading at home. Thank you Graham Lee for driving up from Sutton to bring me the electrical pump, without which I would have been unable to work at all. Thank you to my family for all of your support too. Now I am feeling more like myself, don’t need an electric pump anymore and everything it back to normal. Looking forward to a fun year.

2015-09-13 15.17.40c


Saturday 12th September 2015

Another delighted little girl

I was playing with designs and it needed a home. So one very happy little girl!







Saturday 12th September 2015

Amber’s Face Painting Party

Amber had a bouncy castle and wanted face painting for her party today so I had a nice time painting all the children and trying new designs on them when they requested something I had not done before. However this design was requested over and over and over and over…….. A little bit popular, in fact probably the most popular design I have ever done. Hmmmm well what little girl doesn’t like a bit of bling?

Summer’s Birthday

Summer and her friends loved this design which was my take on a Frozen face. Its a nice design to do as it is fairly quick but looks very delicate and pretty. Also a bit of bling is always a winner!






Saturday 25th July 2015

Faith’s 4th Birthday Party

Today was Faith’s 4th birthday party. Faith is a big fan of Frozen so I was asked to make an Elsa and Anna for her. Faith was very pleased with her figures. Thank you all for a warm welcome and your hospitality.



Friday 5th June 2015

Mal’s Birthday


I was asked to make a sheep for Mal on her birthday today. I wanted to make it special so I added a birthday balloon and some roses. She was very happy.


Saturday 30th May 2015

Stanley’s First Birthday

Today was Stanley’s first birthday celebration. I did a LOT of balloons there with everyone deciding to challenge me. I think some of the parents were even more into the balloons than their children. Here is one dad who was totally delighted with the Minnie Mouse I made him. He said it was for his daughter but I don’t know…….. 🙂



Saturday 23rd May 2015

Elizabeth’s Party

Today I met Elizabeth and her friends and family in Stratford Upon Avon. Elizabeth was dressed like Elsa and I made her this Elsa balloon display which she was very pleased with I am happy to say.


I don’t usually write reviews but we booked Smudgy as the entertainer for our daughter’s 4th birthday party and she was absolutely fantastic. Not only did she keep in contact between booking and the big day but she was an immense hit at the party – the kids were absolutely spell bound by her balloon creations, the party games and the magic show. Smudgy was amazing and I will definitely be booking her again. Thank you so much Smudgy for making my daughter’s 4th birthday party such fun and so memorable.

Saturday 9th May 2015

Toys R US

Fashion 1Fashion 2Fashion 3

I had fun at Toys R US today. Everyone kept me very busy with some interesting requests. Here are a few photos from today. The first photo is of a big fan of Thomas Tank characters. He particularly liked Oliver-tank 11. Now I am guessing the dad in the second photo loved the excuse to play on the bikes whilst waiting for the Elvis balloon. I thought it was funny that the sign behind the young lady in the third photo said “I made it myself”
I can’t take all the credit for this as she did a lot of the artwork on the Elvis outfit and the heart. Thanks for letting me use the photos everyone.


Thursday 7thMay 2015

Maisie’s 100th Birthday






Today I had the pleasure of visiting Maisie
on her 100th Birthday. She requested a
rose and whilst I was making it she burst
into a song about a rose.

Maisie is a lovely bright happy lady. What a
lot of flowers and cards she received!
She was very pleased to have received one
from the queen.

It was a privilege t meet you Maisie.


Sunday 3rd May  2015

Isabelle’s Party

Isabelle had a frozen themed Party so I made her this Elsa to stand next to the cake. We had a lovely party although her friends really challenged me today.  I managed everything they requested…Phew!!!

Here is a picture of Isabelle and her sister who was lovely and very helpful.

Thank you for inviting me along to join in the fun 🙂  n  n

Saturday 2nd May 2015

Bhavin’s Party

I was asked to do these columns for Bhavin’s party. I do like doing these. They have helium balloons at the top and stand upright with no support so they are nice to dotted around a room and fun for the children. I also made Bhavin this spiderman holding the number 5.

Fashion 1Fashion 2Fashion 3Fashion 4

Sunday 26th April 2015

Lily’s party

Lily had a princess party and was particularly keen on Sleeping Beauty. So that was her birthday display. She was very pleased with it.

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments today.


Monday 13th April 2015

Jasmine’s Party

Posted by Sarah Flannery Grainger

“A fab day yesterday with Smudgy for my daughter’s birthday! Well Recommended 🙂 “

Thank you Jasmine for letting me come to your party. I had a lovely time. xxx


September 2013

Buxton IBM Convention

I had the pleasure of attending the Buxton IBM Convention last week assisting Graham Lee on his stand in the dealers hall. The turn out seemed a little low this year but Buxton was a pleasure to visit. What a beautiful part of the country. We found a very nice Italian Restaurant called Michael Angelo’s so actually ate very well. The shows were very nice too and I loved an act called “Men In Coats” They were so funny.


Congratulations to Oliver Tabor DSC_2325awho practically swept the board of awards. Well deserved too. A lovely unpretentious young man who is very talented.

19th August 2013

Michelle & Jonny’s Wedding Celebrations

It was such a pleasure to attend your wedding Michelle and Jonny. Your guests were very nice. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.