Trade Shows & Corporate

Do you want your company to stand out at a trade show? With Thelma on your stand you will always be drawing a crowd. Your stand will be remembered. Hire Thelma to attract people to your stand with her Balloon Art. This gives your sales team time to chat with your potential customers. How about a backdrop of balloons. Make your clients happy clients.

Trade Shows 01


Working for United Biscuits at a Trade Show in Liverpool, The stand was awarded best in the show and it was the stand to visit. The promotions team were kept busy all day with a steady stream of visitors. This brochure for a future trade show features a photo of Thelma and a representative from United Biscuits with some of the balloons.




Glee Show – National Exhibition CentreBalloon-Decor-42


Made to the specifications requested by Faulks & Co.


Magazines and Features

Balloon-FashionsHere Thelma and Graham Lee teamed up to produce sculptures for a photo shoot for Esquire magazine.

Thelma’s balloon work has featured in numerous magazines and news papers worldwide including the Daily Mail, Pick Me Up magazine, Wedding, celebrity gossip, fashion magazines and even Huddleston Weird News!