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Workshops & Instructions

Workshop6Would you like to learn how to make creative balloons? We offer private or group workshops for all levels.
If you are a total beginner and a little self conscious you might enjoy our one-to-one starter day or half day which introduces you to all the skills you will need and we will also provide you with an appropriate instructional cd and starter kit to enable you to put what you have learned into practice. Alternatively you might want to have a starter day with friends or colleagues. We are happy to provide starter classes for small groups too.



If you already make balloons but want to raise the bar, we can also offer more advanced tuition, again with cd to reinforce what you have learned.

End of a workshop for United Twisters in Holland. 2016-02-07-19.34.28


With Thelma’s compliments: Free Tutorials

This site had recently undergone “reconstructive surgery” This page is presently being built so do be sure to pop in now and again to see what new models have been added.
Simply click on an image to view the instructions.

quick witch hatTutorial

Balloon ShoesTutorial
New Instructions coming soon

Boxer Dog

Table Décor Stand

Dog using round for head

Instructions coming 30.09.18.


Quick, easy hair and head

A delightful little model for Christmas.

Learn how to attach a nose from inside the balloon.

Using CDs to form a dome shape. Also to form a useful flat base.

Here is a video of the cd base

Nothing too difficult here. Two different bubble sting effects.

Quick, easy creation for Christmas

A little more challenging, this requires a Sempertex 660.

Look Out For more tutorials SOON